Candles, Mineral Makeup and a Business At Home - Create the Lifestyle of Your Dreams!


Candles and Our Gourmet Products 

 Candle Home BusinessCreate a Relaxing Home and Environment

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Would you enjoy a business that revolves around helping others create peace and relaxation in their lives?

And, how great would you feel knowing that the candles you represent are a healthier alternative?

Imagine walking into a spa-like retreat each time you come home.

Scent creates special memories for us.

Close your eyes and think about walking into your grandmother's house as she was just taking fresh, baked cinnamon buns out of the oven. The aroma feels the air and hits your nose!


Imagine finding out it's a clean burning candle that won't leave black on your walls or furniture! Imagine knowing that enjoying that candle is calorie free!!


Studies have shown that aromas create an emotional response in most people! And, this creates an emotional attachment that they just MUST have!




Here are some interesting facts why these gourmet candles are creating such a stir and generating the interest of people around the country.

  • Our natural gourmet candles smell so good you're tempted to reach for a spoon instead of a match, and you get the same beautiful, powerful fragrance from the top to the bottom of the jar.

  • We offer over 90 incredible scents, your customers will be able to create a mood for every occasion. It's exciting to know that your customers will just "have to have" your candles once they lift the lid and smell.

  • They are a cleaner burning alternative, vegetable wax candle (much like soy) keeping your jars and walls free of all that black sooty mess!  These candles represent the next generation that will grow up burning The Healthy Candle! Green is good for your home.

  • Spilled wax cleans up with plain old warm water  and soap!

And, we have an exciting variety of Candle and Scented Products:

  • Delicious 26 and 16 oz. Gourmet Jars Candles and 2.5 oz. Votives

  • Sophisticated, designer Spa Candles, infused with the finest, most distinctive, premium fragrances

  • Designer line of Signature fragrances with a look and smell that is perfect for your coffee table.

  • Cinnamon Bun and other Bakery Style Candles - You can almost smell them baking, fresh at the bakery and calorie free!
  • Simmers Pots and Melts - Fragrance your home or dorm the flame free way and still enjoy our scents!

  • Car Air Fresheners - Take your favorite scent with you!


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