Candles, Mineral Makeup and a Business At Home - Create the Lifestyle of Your Dreams!


Candles, Mineral Makeup and a Home Based Business - Would You Like a Home Candle Business Information Pack? 


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Are you wondering if a home business with our company might be right for you? We would love to welcome you to our fun, award winning team!

Congratulations on your commitment to thoroughly investigate this fun, profitable and rewarding candle business.  

Please know that I support you this journey and am happy to share information, scent samples, answer your questions, and brainstorm ideas on getting started if you find this is right for you. 


If you've taken the time to explore this website and are seriously looking at this candle business as an exciting choice for you,  let's get information and a few scent samples into your hands.


Your Candle Business Success Packet will include:


  • 2 Candle Business Scent Samples 

  • Candle Business Brochure 

  • Getting Started Options 

  • Wholesale and Suggested Retail Pricing Chart

 By filling out this form, I can start to learn a little more about you, your interests and goals, and what you are looking for in both a business and a partnership.  Plus, your Candle Business Success packet will be on its way, too!


After I get your form, I will email and call you. 




It will not be a sales call. I don't believe in selling anyone about anything. That's no good for anyone. It will be a simple conversation so we can determine if we can work together!


If you are not open to receiving a phone interview from me, please do not complete the form. 


So, with your permission, let's get started!  


Mia Bella Candles and Mineral Makeup Business